American Megatrends
BIOS Update

The American Megatrends BIOS Update process is the 2nd of a 2-part series on the AMIBIOS.

I would advise to read through this how to article first, before attempting a BIOS update.

If you are still unsure, please DO NOT attempt to update. Contact your local Small Business Computer Repair shop, or call your computer makers support line for advice.

Part 1 of this tutorial series introduces your to the AMIBIOS, the beep codes if there is a fault, and the BIOS Setup Utility.

There are 4 Steps in the AMIBIOS update process. Listed below is a link to each part.

This gives you the option to either read through the whole page, or hop to the feature of interest.

Step 5 gives you the opportunity to share your expertise of BIOS updates. Is it a good idea or not? Do you know of a better way to update computer BIOS programs? Don't keep your knowledge to yourself. Share it with the world!

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  1. Introduction
  2. Motherboard Identification
  3. AMIBIOS ROM And Flash Utility
  4. Update BIOS
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. Share Your BIOS Update Thoughts And Ideas
  7. Read About Visitors BIOS Update Thoughts And Ideas


An American Megatrends BIOS Update is sometimes necessary because, like any other software, improvements are made to improve stability and performance.

You should really update your computer's BIOS when a newer version is released.

This is easier to do these days (20 years ago it was a nightmare!). AMI and other computer manufacturers provide free 'Flash BIOS' Utilities which update your BIOS for you when you run the program (more on this later).

However, I think the AMI instructions are not very clear for typical home computer users. This tutorial aims to make the process as clear as possible for you.

There are a few things to do first before updating your computer's BIOS.

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Motherboard Identification

There are different AMIBIOS products on different computer systems. Some computer makers change the AMIBIOS code to suit their own computer models.

The image below is from the AMI web site, and shows you how to identify whether your home computer has a native AMI approved motherboard or not:

AMIBIOS Motherboard ID
(Click Image To Enlarge)

AMIBIOS Motherboard ID

Where it says 'BIOS from 1991-Present', there will be a reference to AMI and the motherboard type, if it is a AMI approved motherboard.

This reference will look something like: AMIS875-P, signifying an Series S875 AMI Motherboard (it actually says AMI123-P on the image above as an example).

If you computer doesn't have an AMI reference, refer to your computer providers web site for guidance. If you require more details on this step, go to the AMI BIOS (Opens New Window) web page.

If you don't understand this step. Don't worry! Go to the AMIBID (Opens New Window) web page and download the AMI motherboard identification tool. Simply install and run on your computer.

If the AMIBID utility fails, go to the CPUID (Opens New Window) web page, download and install the CPU-Z tool. This is another motherboard identification utility.

American Megatrends BIOS Update: CPU-Z Tool In Action
(Click Image To Enlarge)


From the example above, this computer has an AMIBIOS, but it is not an AMI motherboard. In this instance, the home computer user would visit the ASRack web site and search for the BIOS update for the ALive motherboard.

This is Very Important!. Do not update your computer with an AMIBIOS if your motherboard manufacturer has produced their own version. Use their version instead!

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AMIBIOS ROM And Flash Utility

If you determine you have an AMI motherboard, select the model/series from the drop-down list on the AMI BIOS (Opens New Window) web page:

AMIBIOS Motherboard Selection
(Click Image To Enlarge)

AMIBIOS Motherboard Selection

Click Submit and on the next page, click the latest BIOS version to download the ROM file. Extract to your computer when downloaded. This should be the required BIOS ROM file to upgrade your computer's BIOS:

AMI ROM Selection
(Click Image To Enlarge)

American Megatrends BIOS Update ROM Selection

AMI Extracted ROM File
(Click Image To Enlarge)

American Megatrends BIOS Update Extracted ROM File

Download the AMIBIOS & Aptio - AMI Firmware Update Utility (AMIBIOS Flash Utility) (Opens New Window). Select AMIBIOS®8 from the AMIBIOS: drop-down list then click the Submit Button.

This utility can also be downloaded with the ROM files for specific AMIBIOS Chipsets (Motherboards) from the AMI Product Support (Opens New Window) web page.

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Update BIOS

Unzip the American Megatrends BIOS Update utility. Go to the AFUWIN folder, then either the 32-bit or 64-bit sub-folder. Left click AFUWIN.EXE

See Microsoft Windows 7 to find out if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit computer.

Click OK if this disclaimer appears:

AMIBIOS BIOS Update Flash Warning
(Click Image To Enlarge)

American Megatrends BIOS Update Flash Warning

Click the Open Button to search for and select the ROM file you downloaded for your motherboard earlier on:

American Megatrends BIOS Update: Flash Utility
(Click Image To Enlarge)

AMI BIOS Update Flash Utility

Click the Flash Button. The Process tab will be displayed to show you the update BIOS process in action:

American Megatrends BIOS Update In Action
(Click Image To Enlarge)

AMI BIOS Update Flash Utility Process In Action

When the process is complete, exit the Flash Utility and Restart Your Computer (if it doesn't restart for you).

Your BIOS should be updated to the latest version. Refer to the AMIBIOS8 Utility User Guide that come with the AMI Flash Utility if you receive any error messages.

Also refer to the AMIBIOS Support web page if further support is required.

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Final Thoughts

The American Megatrends BIOS Update process is a little complicated. I hope the information provided on this web page is useful. Good luck with your BIOS update.

Don't forget to take a look at Part 1 of this tutorial series, which introduces your to the BIOS concept, AMIBIOS beep error codes and the BIOS Setup Utility.

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Is There A Better Way Than This?

Some professionals recommend you don't update your BIOS unless absolutely necessary. This is good advice if you are a true novice.

Do you agree? Do you know of a better, easier way to update your AMI BIOS than what is described in this tutorial?

Please share your thoughts and expertise on this popular topic!

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I update the American Megatrends BIOS using the following method: 1. Get the correct BIOS .ROM File from the AMI web Site or my Computer providers …

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