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Family Computing: Catering For All Ages
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Computing For Everyone

Everyone, young and old, experience problems with PC's, Apple Mac and Mobile devices.

Sometimes things just stop working. Sometimes you are unsure how to do something. When this happens what do you do? Where do you find the computer support you need?

Technical problems with your IT equipment are a modern day fact of life. I am sure some of these problems are familiar to you:

  • My Microsoft Windows 7 machine is running slow! Why?
    How do I Speed Up My PC and makie it perform like it did when I first bought it?

  • Slow PC's!
    Waiting Forever For Something To Happen

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    You Can Wait Forever For Some PC's To Load!

  • My PC says I have a Virus. Help!
    Learn all about Computer Virus Removal and prevention here.

  • I have a Dell PC and it is just not working properly
    Lots of help and guidance is found in the Dell Technical Resource section

  • I can't Print anything out. Again! Why does it keep going wrong? My printer was working fine only a few moments ago!

  • I can't get onto the Internet any more. Nothing has changed from yesterday. Why has this happened?

These answers and much much more are provided here, saving you hours of surfing time looking for answers elsewhere.

Site Overview

To help the every day user of home IT equipment, I am sharing with you a series of how to articles which are easy to understand.

Each article is filled with hints and tips, suggestions and advice, that will make troubleshooting and maintaining your PC, Mac or Tablet device much easier than you think.

Family Computing: Age does Not Matter. It Is For Everyone!
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Age does Not Matter. Computers Are For Everyone!

The Microsoft Technical Resource section provides guidance on many Microsoft products and Services. The majority of home users have Microsoft software installed on their machines.

How to install and maintain Microsoft Windows 7, speed up Internet Explorer and Fix Blue Screen of death errors are covered in this section.

The Computer Repair section provides a lot of clear guidance on common PC problems.

We start with an explanation of Computers For Beginners and advance onto things like How To Install A Sound Card yourself.

Hardware computer support is not as complicated as you may think. With my guidance I believe this IS something you can do yourself!

The Inside Of A Typical PC: Not As Hard As It Looks!
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The Inside Of A Typical PC Showing All Components

Online Computer Tech Support helps you to get the most out of your PC or Mac equipment. You will find out how to take care of your hardware, software, maintenance and troubleshooting needs.

A lot of homes now have wireless broadband available and other types of networked devices, such as printers. Computer Network Repair is a gentle introduction to home networking.

We look at how to diagnose and fix network, broadband and wireless problems.

Picture Of A Network Cabinet
Your Home Setup Is Easy Compared To This! It Really Is!!

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Image Of Computer Networking Cables

HP Support shows you how to get the most out of what Hewlett-Packard has to offer home users. There are so many things you can do for yourself, and it is here waiting for you.

The Internet is full of Malware, and it can do damage to your PC, photographs and music files before you know it.

The Remove Malware section of this website teaches you what Malware is, how you can protect your device from Malware and how to remove it if your machine is infected.

The Small Business Computer Repair section is about supporting your local IT repair businesses.

We will discuss what you need to know to ensure you deal with a reputable business. It also provides repair companies with a platform to show you what they can offer you.

These companies are the ones you turn to when you run out of options to fix PC problems yourself.

An Image Of An Ergonomic Keyboard
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Image Of An Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic Computer Workstations looks at the different options you have to ensure you do not hurt yourself whilst using a computing device.

It sounds daft but many of us suffer from back and wrist issues. Have you suffered from repetitive strain injury? It's not pleasant. We look at the different options you have to protect yourself from such conditions.

Apple Mac Book Pro is for those who would like to know more about how to fix Apple machines themselves by making the most out of the hardware and software options available.

What Home Computer
Support Offers YOU!

It may surprise you to know that both you and business users experience similar computing problems.

Whether you work from home, use a PC at work, or are just a casual PC, Mac or Mobile Device user, there is something here for everyone.

Learn from my education, mistakes and successes. The business secrets I will share with you will save you money!

If you are an entry-level technician, or a home user who would like to learn more about how to fix broken IT equipment, there is plenty of material for you throughout this website.

There will be eBooks full of good information, and other features that go beyond the basic knowledge. This information is also useful for advanced users too.

Take a quick look at the All About Me Worksheet for insight into why I have created this website.

Computer Support is fun to learn and easy to put into practice with the help of this website. Take your first steps now...

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